• Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Bankruptcy is not a moral or ethical decision, it is a financial decision and when asking, “can I file bankruptcy?” it must be kept in that perspective.
  • Debt Settlement Debt Settlement Debt resolution can provide immediate cash constraint relief and allows the client to save money over the long term by settling the debts for less than the full amount.
  • Business Law Business Law We focus on optimizing financial opportunities while securing the most favorable tax treatment for investors, entrepreneurs and acquirers.
  • Foreclosure Foreclosure Facing foreclosure is NOT hopeless, and no one should struggle alone. Working with the right experienced professional is critical in your effort avoid foreclosure.
  • Loan Modification Loan Modification Most lenders will consider loan modification where most, or all of the delinquent payments and foreclosure fees are added onto the back end of the loan.

What Sets Our Firm Apart? Whether you are facing foreclosure, overburdened with debt, or have a complex business matter, we take the time to learn and understand your concerns and objectives. There isn’t one right solution for everyone, each individual situation is different. We never try to fit you into a ‘program,’ we design an individualized solution to fit your needs and accomplish your goals. Call us (888) xxx-xxxx

Why should I work with Remedial Law?

At Remedial Law we have years of experience in consumer law, real estate law, collection law and bankruptcy. Unlike for profit companies that offer consumer services, we are a law firm with attorneys dedicated to protecting your rights, solving your credit and debt related issues and providing you the legal representation that you need.

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